Kinefinity KF-APT-1 - E Mounting Adapter (passive)



E Mounting Adapter (passive)

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Kinefinity E Mounting Adapter (passive)

Kinefinity brings the new SONY E mounting adapter to TERRA camera. TERRA will be the first cinema camera with E mount, such short flange focal distance, except SONY camera. The E mounting adapter by Kinefinity features a breech-lock rotating counter-clockwise to lock, like Kine EF mounting adapter. The cine locking way fits video/cinematography system naturally.

It starts a new world with affordable high-end quality: more and more cine lens manufacturers are delivering affordable E-mount lenses with very high quality, like Fujifilm MK18-55, MK50-135 and more 3rd party Cine lenses.

Since E mount lenses and the mount itself are very compact natively, the system is in the right trend of lightweight/small world: drones, rigs, gimbals and stabilizers.

Attention: it does not support lenses which need protocol from camera, like SONY G series lenses, though the current E mounting adapter has electronic contacts. There would be trade-in plan with new adapters if new adapters support these electronic lenses in the future.

Notice: The third-party adapter may not work on SONY E mounting adapter to turn E mount to EF or PL mount; some modified E lenses also may not be used on the E mounting adapter of TERRA.

Design and production of such lens mount with short FFD as mounting adapter into KineMOUNT is a really challenging task: quick swap mounting adapters without tools, lever locking mechanism. It has following features like other Kine mounting adapters:

- Cine style with lever lock: locking lenses like PL locking system securely and firmly;

- Cordless: no need extra modules or blocks, cord;

- Electronic: designed to support electronic lenses in the future;

- Ruggedized and simple: made of steel, aluminium alloy, plastic, pogo pins.

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