Vocas 0435-2010 - MB-435 kit



MB-435 kit: for any camera with 15 mm rail support (incl. SA and donut adapter ring)
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Vocas MB-435 kit

The Vocas MB-435 Matte Box Kit combines a 3-stage clip-on matte box, a 15mm swing-away rod adapter for rod-mounted setups, and a set of four soft rubber donut rings for using lens with a variety of front diameters. The matte box features one rotating filter stage and one non-rotating stage that accept 4 x 4" or 4 x 5.65" filters using the included filter frames. A third stage integrated into the hood accepts a single 4 x 5.65" filter. Additionally, the matte box has two adjustable internal eyebrows that help protect the internal filter and your lens from flares.

The MB-435 can clamp directly onto lenses with a maximum front diameter of 143mm, or to smaller lenses with optional step-down adapters. It can also be mounted onto 15mm rods using the included swing-away adapter. To accommodate a variety of lens diameters when rod-mounted, a flexible donut adapter is included, which comes with 112mm, 100mm, 75mm, and 50mm soft rubber donuts. The donut adapter also accepts a round 138mm filter.

Vocas MB-435 3-Stage Clip-On Matte Box

Masquerading as a conventional 2-stage matte box, the Vocas MB-435 3-Stage Clip-On Matte Box has a few hard to see surprises that can make a big difference on a shoot. Complimenting the standard rotating filter & non rotating filter stages that accept 4 x 4" or 4 x 5.65" filters, the matte box hood integrates a compartment for a single 4 x 5.65" filter. Two adjustable integrated internal eyebrows protect the internal filter and your lens from flares alleviating the need for external mattes.

The MB-435 can clamp directly onto lenses with a maximum front side diameter of 143mm and to lenses with smaller diameters via optional step-down adapters. the included top flag (eyebrow) attaches to a lockable hinge along the top of the matte box for precise glare control and similar hinges for optional side flags are built into each side of the matte box hood. An optional swing away bracket can be mounted to the matte box, which makes it quick and easy to change lenses, as you just swing the matte box away and swap lenses, without having to worry about where to put the matte box during the lens exchange.

- Features a quick-lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel of lenses with a diameter of 143mm. Please note, it is recommended that this matte box be used with lenses which have fronts that do not rotate when changing focus or zoom. If your lens front does rotate, then you need to convert this matte box to a swing away rod mounted matte box to use it with your lens.

- Equipped with 1 fully rotatable (4 x 5.65") and 1 fixed (4 x 5.65") filter tray.

- A filter compartment located in the front of the hood accepts a 4 x 5.65" filter.

- Accommodates 4 x 4" and 4 x 5.65" filters.

- Includes an internal top and bottom eyebrows, that are adjustable by levers on the outside of the matte box.

Vocas 15mm LW Swing Away Bracket for MB-430 Matte Box

The Vocas 15mm LW Swing Away Bracket attaches directly to the rear of the MB-430 Matte Box and allows the user to mount the matte box onto 15mm lightweight rods. When the red knob of this swing away bracket is twisted, the matte box is released from its locked position, allowing the user to swing it away from the lens. This swing away bracket can also be fitted with a 19mm rod adapter, allowing the MB-430 Matte Box to be used on 19mm rods.

Vocas 143mm Flexible Donut Adapter Ring for MB-435 & MB-455

This is a 143mm Flexible Donut Adapter Ring for the Vocas MB-435 and MB-455 matte boxes. It supports a max lens diameter of 133mm and is also compatible with round 138mm filters. It comes with 4 soft rubber donut rings (112mm, 100mm, 75mm, 50mm).





Vocas MB-435 3-Stage Clip-On Matte Box

Lens Size

Front Barrel Outer Diameter

5.6" / 143 mm



Filter Type

4 x 4"

4 x 5.65"

Total Filter Stages


Rotating Stages


Degree of Rotation



1.3 lb/ 600 g



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