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The APQ-2n is an accessory pack for the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder that maximizes your...
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Expand the versatility of your Q2n with the Zoom Q2n Accessory Pack. Consisting of a furry windscreen, mic-stand adapter, lens cover, lens hood, USB cable, and a 3-prong accessory adapter, this kit will have you ready to roll in nearly any situation. In addition, this bundle also includes a padded case which will hold and protect the accessories as well as your Q2n.

Furry Windscreen

When outdoors, use the windscreen to minimize the possibility of wind interference while keeping your recorded sound unnafected.

Mic-Stand Adapter

Want to stabilize your shot but don't have a tripod around? Secure the adapter to the 1/4"-20 thread on the base of the camera and stick it in a standard microphone clip. This setup also allows for some creative placement options.

Lens Cover and Lens Hood

When you're not using the camera, the lens cover prevents damage to the lens's front element. If you want to avoid excess lens flare, from stage lights or the sun, for example, stick the lens hood on while you're recording.

3-Prong Adapter

Many popular action cameras use this mounting system. So if you already own 3-prong-compatible accessories, this adapter opens up many more mounting options for you.

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