Shure KSM353/ED - Roswellite Ribbon Mic, Stainless



The KSM353/ED from Shure is a superior ribbon microphone designed for high-quality...
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Shure Roswellite Ribbon Mic, Stainless

The KSM353/ED from Shure is a superior ribbon microphone designed for high-quality reproduction in the studio or concert hall. The mic is hand-assembled in the United States, and features the build quality that Shure mics are renowned for.

Shure outfitted the KSM353/ED with its proprietary Roswellite ribbon material, which has more strength and resilience than a conventional foil ribbon. The mic is also equipped with a custom ribbon-motor assembly, which helps tailor bass response and improve presence. A custom-wound double-shielded, full-size transformer keeps signal loss at a minimum and increases output.

The KSM353/ED's bi-directional polar pattern delivers totally symmetrical audio and superior off-axis rejection. Shure recommends using mic preamps with impedances of at least 1 kOhm to get optimal low-end and midrange performance. The mic offers a low noise floor, and an output level that's on par with moving-coil microphones.

- Bi-directional polar pattern delivers premier, completely symmetrical audio with superior off-axis rejection

- Revolutionary Roswellite proprietary ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons with high-tensile strength, toughness, and shape memory that provides superior resilience at extreme SPLs

- Patented custom ribbon motor assembly tailors bass response without attenuating the overall output for full low and mid ranges, and superior upper range presence from a rising frequency response

- Double-shielded matched full-sized transformer minimizes signal loss and maximizes output while reducing magnetic and RF interference from 90-degree placement, offset relative to the ribbon

- 146 dB SPL across 30 - 15,000 Hz frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients in vocals, acoustic instruments, and concert halls

- Legendary Shure quality and superior construction from hand-assembly of machined steel, silver, gold, and aluminum materials, and housed in a pure stainless steel casing









Polar Pattern




Frequency Range

30 Hz to 15 kHz

Maximum SPL

146 dB SPL


330 Ohms


2.11 mV/Pa



Output Connectors

1 x XLR 3-Pin




ø: 1.9 x L: 6.2" / ø: 48.26 x L: 157.48 mm


1.4 lb / 635.03 g


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