Wooden Camera WC-234000 - D-Box (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven, Gold Mount)



D-Box (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven, Gold Mount)
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The D-Box for RED DSMC2 (Gold Mount) from Wooden Camera is an adapter that provides power distribution, remote power on/off, and hot swap battery functions for the RED DSMC2 cameras. Expanding your selection of powered accessory connectors, this box features two D-Tap ports, two 2-pin LEMO ports, two 3-pin Fischer ports, one 5V USB port, and one 12-16V DC input port. All outputs are active simultaneously, and there is access to an additional D-Tap port on the battery plate itself, for a total of three operational D-Tap ports.

Designed to fit between a battery and the camera's battery mount, the D-Box has a male Gold Mount on one side, and a female Gold Mount on the other, internally passing power to the output connectors and to the camera. The D-Box's DC input port enables you to connect a power supply, thus maintaining power to both the camera and its accessories during a battery swap.

The D-Box features tool-free installation, a cable-free interface, and compatibility with WC, REDVOLT, and OFFHOLLYWOOD expander modules. Connectors on the D-Box are contoured to match those on the expanders, so there is no tangling of cables. An ARRI start/stop trigger may be connected via one of the box's 3-pin Fisher ports.


- Gold Mount box provides power distribution for RED DSMC2 cameras: WEAPON, EPIC, SCARLET, and RAVEN

- Simultaneously active output for two each of D-Tap, LEMO, and Fischer ports, plus one operational D-Tap on the battery plate itself

- Expands selection of accessory ports, and enables connection of an on/off trigger, AC power supply, etc.

- Tool-free installation and cable-free interface

- When used with an AC power supply, the box maintains power to the camera and accessories while changing the camera battery

- Contoured for compatibility with Wooden Camera, REDVOLT, and OFFHOLLYWOOD Expander modules

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