Core SWX CO-HLX-RR-V - HLX-RR-V Helix V-Mount Plate



HLX-RR-V Helix V-Mount Plate

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Core SWX HLX-RR-V Helix V-Mount Plate

Use the Helix Power Management Control Mount from Core SWX to power a RED RANGER camera that has a V-mount plate using a V-Mount battery or mains power. The mount supports failover between mains and battery power to maintain the safety of your equipment.

It provides 11 to 34 VDC battery input and output and inputs 19.5 to 34 VDC via its 2-pin Fischer connector to provide power failover. There are also two D-Tap outputs that provide 11 to 17V to power your camera or accessories as well as a 4-pin LEMO output connector for failover and to power additional equipment. The mount features an LCD screen that shows power voltage and percentage information as well as total power draw.

- Power your RED RANGER camera via a V-Mount battery with a 2-pin Fischer input for failover power

- A V-mount mount on camera side

- 4-pin LEMO output, two 11-17V D-Tap outputs







Input Voltage

11 to 34 VDC (D-Tap)

19.5 to 34 VDC (2-Pin Fischer)

Output Voltage

11 to 34 VDC (D-Tap)




1 x 2-Pin Fischer

2 x D-Tap

1 x 4-Pin LEMO

Battery Plate Type



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