Hawkwoods 48V-XB - 48V X-Boxx Power dc-dc convertor 480W



New to the Hawk-Woods X-boxx high voltage range is the 48V converter - great for lighting...
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Hawkwoods 48V-XB - 48V X-Boxx Power dc-dc convertor 480W

Our X-boxx 48v regulator unit which offers high efficiency when powering 48v kit.

This sleek, stylish adaptor offers you the use of two Hawk-Woods XB2 (24v) or XB3 (30v) batteries, this is the perfect all-in-one solution for powering lighting such as the Skypanel S30, S60 and S120 at 100% output as well as other lighting which includes the popular brands of Litepanels, Brother Brother and Fiilex lighting solutions all requiring 48v input.

The 48V-XB offers 2x XLR outputs, one which provides the 48V output and one which offers nominal battery voltage. You will require two batteries on for power out on the 48V, however just one battery to use the nominal. Upon connecting each battery will see a LED to show connected above each fitting, once all four are successfully connected a green LED will show to the front of the unit, to allow power from the 48V output.

This unit is offered in a well vented case along with leather carry handle.

Should you require any help or have any technical questions regarding this product please contact our sales team.

- 48V Converter

- DC-Input: 22-34v DC

- DC Output 1: 48V (500W)

- DC Output 2: 22-34v









7.2 x 12 x 21.5 cm

Number of XLR:



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