Tiffen W138IRND6 - 138Mm Ir Nd 0.60



138Mm Ir Nd 0.60
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Pairing infrared attenuation with solid neutral density, the 138mm Round IRND 0.6 Filter from Tiffen is a versatile solution to reduce exposure values and achieve neutral color. The neutral density portion of the filter offers a 2 stop exposure reduction for working with longer shutter speeds or wider aperture settings. The IR portion attenuates infrared wavelengths above 700nm to benefit working with CCD and CMOS sensors under difficult lighting conditions where infrared pollution can affect color balance. This IR design also works proportionate to the density value, allowing you to achieve comparably neutral results from density to density in varying lighting conditions. The filter is constructed from water white optical glass and utilizes Tiffen ColorCore technology for maintained clarity and quality. It measures 138mm in diameter and is suitable for use in select matte boxes and sunshades.

- Alleviating the need to use multiple filters at once, this filter combines two distinct effects to reduce the number of filter surfaces in use.
- IRND 0.6 filter offers a 2 stop exposure reduction to permit working with longer shutter speeds or wider aperture settings than normally required.
- Infrared attenuating design eliminates IR bleed above 700nm, is proportionate to the neutral density value, and helps to ensure clean, accurate colors and true blacks.
- Constructed from ColorCore technology water white optical glass for maintained image quality.
- Measures 138mm in diameter and is suited for use with select matte boxes and sunshades.




Infrared-attenuating solid neutral density


5.4" / 138 mm (diameter)


0.6 (2 stop)


IRND reduces exposure value and attenuates IR pollution


Water white optical glass, ColorCore technology

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