Eizo DuraVision FDS1703 - 17 inch LCD Gray



The DuraVision FDS1703 is designed specifically for security and surveillance and offers PC...
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Numerous interfaces for PC and video  

A mini D-sub analog input pin 15 is provided for connection to computers. The video input (BNC) composite is compatible with the TV standards PAL, SECAM and NTSC and used to connect video surveillance equipment such as CCTV (closed Circuit TV) and surveillance cameras.  

High image quality  

The composite input has a separation circuit Y / C three-dimensional that reduces noise and flickering of the image signal. It divides the video brightness signal (Y signal) and color information (signal C). The FDS1703 FDS1903 monitors and can display 16.77 million colors simultaneously, which provides excellent color rendering.  

High brightness thanks to LED backlight  

The FDS1703 FDS1903 and have a powerful LED backlight which produces maximum brightness 350cd / m2. The high brightness makes ideal use of the two models, even in very bright environments.  


The anti-glare screen reduces eyestrain caused by light reflections. All models DuraVision supervision of EIZO monitors offer a completely non-glare surface.  

Underscan and normal display screen  

The FDS1703 FDS1903 models offer display "underscan" and a normal display. The display "underscan" allows you to view 100% of the image. It is optimal for viewing movies. The normal playback shows approx. 95% of the image, which eliminates, for example, the logos of the chain placed on the sides for TV programs.  

Flexible positioning  

Position the screen for optimal ergonomics. The height adjustable stand allows height adjustment over a range of 100 mm. In addition, it is possible to tilt the screen to 30 °, to turn 70 ° and rotate it to 90%. The power supply is built ?? s and compatibility with VESA standard allows to fix it on an articulated arm or placing it on a wall bracket.  

LED Backlight: reduced fuel consumption, longer life  

Compared to conventional backlights CCFL, LED backlights are significantly less energy and producing less heat and providing a longer lifespan. The FDS1703 FDS1903 models and have a maximum power consumption of 36 watts only, and that, in the case of a maximum brightness, that is to say, 350cd / m2. This is an extremely low value for a surveillance monitor. Naturally, the LED backlight is mercury-free and therefore less polluting to the environment.  

Gamma Mode Easy-to-See  

The FDS1903 includes a mode that lets you change the gamma values ​​with ease. You can improve visibility by changing the gamma according to the type of display image.  

Compatible with NTSC / PAL / SECAM signals  

These two displays are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM and can be connected to different safety equipment and monitoring.  

Integrated speakers  

Two speakers of 0.3 watts integrated phono inputs are provided for audio playback of PC and video sources.  

Reliability flawless / 2-year warranty for a 24/24 use.  

The models DuraVision FDS1703 FDS1903 and offer flawless reliability and 24/24 are designed for intensive use. EIZO quality, 2 year warranty!




Size (inches)

17 "

Maximum Resolution

1280 x 1024

Viewing Angle

160 °, 140 °


350 cd / m2


800: 1

Response time

30 ms

Net Weight

5.9 Kg

Max Power Consumption


Video Input

PC: mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1 AV: BNC (Composite) x 1


Security and surveillance

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