Sigma 58M967 - 24-35mm T2,2 (Sony-E)



Sigma 24-35mm T2,2 (Sony-E)

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SIGMA 24-35mm T2.2 (Sony-E)

SIGMA Corporation enters the market for Cinema Lenses. She is launching a new product line, the SIGMA CINE LENSs, specially designed for cinematography. Demand for higher resolution is increasing in the world of digital film production. To meet these needs, there is now SIGMA's line of high-performance lenses compatible with the latest high-definition digital cinema cameras. SIGMA has built its own production system by developing the technologies needed to mass-produce high-performance lenses for ultra-megapixel photography.

The company expects this valuable new lens product line * 1 to bring about a fundamental shift in digital film production, giving cinematographers a new solution. 

Unsurpassed value, the highest optical performance in its class and excellent, compact design 

Large range of professional lenses 

Optimized for the latest technology in digital filmmaking

High-speed Zoom-Line

The high-speed zoom line provides a constant aperture of T2 over the entire focal length range and the optical power allows high-resolution images such as 6K - 8K. But the high-speed zoom line not only offers the highest image quality in its class, it also convinces with its compact design and offers fantastic values.


connection: Sony E

Camera System / Format: DG (full format)

focal length: 24-35mm

Focal length (APS-C): 36-52.5mm

luminous intensity: T2,2

Optical construction: 18 elements in 13 groups

Diaphragm blades: 9

aperture ring: Yes

Smallest aperture: T16

Closest focusing distance: 28,0cm

Filter diameter: 82mm

Lens: Wide angle, standard

features: Normal Luminous

Dimensions - AD x length: 95mm x 148.7mm

mass: 1.50 kg

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82mm Filter
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