Beyerdynamic UNITE TP - Bodypack Transmitter to Unite System



Bodypack transmitter to Unite system
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Beyerdynamic Bodypack Transmitter To Unite System


Unite has been optimised for speech applications. The transmitters balance out voices of varying volume, differing speaker distances and female or male voices, among other things. Disruptive background noise is also eliminated.

Audio Interface

​You can send audio tracks through the transmitter via the interfaces (USB, analogue, Bluetooth). As a result you can easily transmit music from your smartphone to guests, or relay the sound of a video from a media column. A second guide/speaker can also be integrated. Sound can also be played and recorded via the USB interface.


- Optimised for speech

- External microphone or headset connector

- DSP functions such as ALC, Noise Gate, Noise Canceller, equaliser, ducker and compressor

- Audio interfaces (USB, analogue and Bluetooth)

- Microphone mute button (mute function)





DECT RF frequency range

1880 - 1930 MHz, depending on the country

DECT transmission power

up to 250 mW (peak), depending on the country

DECT operating range

up to 300 m outside (line of sight); the actual operating range depends upon the RF output settings, the surroundings, the signal absorption, signal reflection and signal interference

Audio bandwidth Low quality (SD)

50 Hz - 7 kHz (-3 dB)

High quality (HD)

50 Hz - 14 kHz (-3 dB)

Operating mode

Broadcast and/or full-duplex on all routes


AES-256 encryption

Headphone/headset/ induction loop connector

4-pin mini jack, 3.5 mm, CTIA Standard

Microphone connector

4-pin mini XLR jack, male (4.5 V bias voltage, beyerdynamic TG pin assignment)

Integrated microphone



mini jack, 3.5 mm, max. -6 dBV / 0.5 V RMS


monochrome white OLED display with high contrast

Max. number of open microphones

3 (individual level control for each microphone)


lithium-ion battery pack

Battery monitoring

Battery status of remaining capacity via OLED display

Operating time of battery pack

> 15 hrs., typ.

Side-tone and microphone gain

individually adjustable


V4.2 (HFP - Hands-Free-Profile, A2DP - Audiostreaming)

USB Type C connector

USB 2.0/3.0 standard, compatible to 5 V power supplies only, power consumption max. 500 mA

Dimensions (W x H x D)

58 x 102 x 15.5 mm

Weight (incl. battery)

105 g

Temperature range Charging

0 to +35 °C


-10 to +40 °C


-20 to +50 °C

Relative humidity

0 to 90%


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