Desisti 8201.105 - D Rail Extruded Aluminum Linear Rail Section Of 5 Meter



D RAIL Extruded Aluminum linear rail section of 5 meter

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Desisti D Rail Extruded Aluminum Linear Rail Section Of 5 Meter

The De Sisti ‘D’ Rail is an extruded aluminum profile featuring a broad range of accessories and offering many standardized solutions to provide a grid, either fixed or with trackable facilities.

Its optimized shape allows many solutions to different applications and wide spans between supports, to minimize the number of hanging points to the ceiling.

Many of the ‘D’ RAIL’ accessories, trolleys and flanges can be used in combination with standard steel ‘I’ beams available (for instance IPE80) in the market, that are compatible with the ‘D’ profile bottom flange.

Within the range they are available several types of top attachments, to hang the D Rail under a concrete slab, or an upper I beam/bar joist or an upper pipe grid.

It is possible to have Curved sectors of the D Rail and appropriate trolleys to operate along with it.

Within the trolleys offered in the program there are manual single or double trolleys and motorized ones, along with a number of other complementary objects like electrical cable carriers or trolleys with hooks for hanging sceneries.

Typically the D RAIL range includes Standard Components that are considered the most frequent solutions for the Studio Grid. Nevertheless in case of requirements that cannot be satisfied by the use of the standard D Rail components, De Sisti Lighting is available to analyse them and offer an appropriate solution.

The “D RAIL” and accessories are Tested and Certified by the TÜV safety authority.

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