Profoto P300519 - ProRing2 Plus Flash Head



The Profoto ProRing2 Plus Flash Head is a light source that encircles the lens and supports...
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The Profoto ProRing2 Plus Flash Head is a light source that encircles the lens and supports the camera via the included mount. The ProRing2 Plus is popular with fashion photographers for its unique catchlights, soft, flat output and nearly shadowless quality of light even when close to a background.

The ProRing2 Plus utilizes a safety mesh cover for its ozone-free quartz flash tube that handles up to 2,400W/s. The 200W modeling lamp (20W x 10) not only makes focusing and previewing easy but defeats possible red eye in dim ambient light. Fan-cooling keeps the head lengthens modeling lamp and flash tube life. The ProRing2 comes with camera and stand adapters and a 13' cable. The lamp head connector is sealed, helping to prevent dust and moisture from entering the generator. The ProRing2 is compatible with the Pro-8, Pro-7, Pro-B4, Pro-B3, Pro-B2 and the D4 generators. Note: Use requires separate purchase of a power pack.

in the box

- Flash Head

- 10 x Halogen Modeling Lamps (20W)

- Camera Adapter

- Stand Adapter

- Protective Steel Mesh Flash Tube Cover

- Heavy Duty Lead Lamp Cable




Pro-8, Pro-7, Pro-B4, Pro-B3, Pro-B2, and D4 generators


Circular hard glass flash tube with protective mesh

Light Intensity Output

At 1,200 at 6.6' (2.0 m) @ ISO 100: f/32.6 without reflector

f/22 with optional diffuser

f/45.4 with optional ProRing Softlight Reflector

f/45 with optional ProRing Close-Up Reflector

f/22.1 with optional ProRing Widesoft Reflector

Maximum Watt/Seconds


Can fire a total of 9,600W/s per minute


Two temperature controlled variable speed fans


3.15 AT slow blow

User Replaceable Flashtube


Changeable Reflector

Optional reflectors available

Cable Length

13' (4.0 m)

Modeling Light Wattage

200W (20W x 10)

Fan Cooled



Interior diameter: 4.0" (10 cm) Exterior diameter: 8.6" (22 cm)


4.85 lb (2.2 kg) including camera mount

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