Convergent Design CD-OD-SSD-512GB - 512GB SSD for Odyssey7 and 7Q



512GB SSD for Odyssey7 and 7Q
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540,00 CHF (tax excl.)

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513,00 CHF


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The Convergent Design 512GB 2.5" SSD is a solid state server-grade drive with built-in power protection. This solid state drive's dual-drive architecture makes it suitable for long recording time, redundant recording and online / offline recording.

*Sustained Read/Write Speeds: 

From burst length to que depth, there is a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure maximum performance

*Low Power Consumption: 

Small and light with low active and idle power consumption

*Loss of Power: 

Recovers and closes clips in the event of lost power

*File Closing & Formatting Time: 

Takes less time for closing files and formatting

*Wake-Up Time: 

When you hit record, you can be sure that this SSD will be alert and ready to capture!

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