AJA Pak2000-X0 - 2TB SSD module, exFAT



2TB SSD module, exFAT. Pak Dock required for connection to host computer
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1 795,00 CHF (tax excl.)

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1 705,25 CHF


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AJA PAK2000-X0

2TB SSD exFAT Storage Module

AJA's Pak Media is a high capacity Solid State Drive (SSD) encased in a protective module with a rugged connection engineered to handle the rigors of repeated use in the field - with this version - the PAK2000-X0 having a capacity of 2TB, exFAT** (for PC and universal use.) Pak drives are compatible with the AJA CION production camera as well as the Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Quad 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD file based recorders and players. The combination of these powerful devices and Pak storage creates an efficient workflow for capturing media as ProRes files and bringing it quickly and easily into the postproduction environment in a high quality file format that maintains manageable file sizes


SDD Adapter and Docks

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