AJA Pak2000-R0 - 2TB SSD module, HFS+



2TB SSD module, HFS+. Pak Dock required for connection to host computer
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1 795,00 CHF (tax excl.)

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1 705,25 CHF


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PAK 2000-R0

The Pak 2000-RO from AJA is a 2TB Pak 2000 for Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus recording and playback devices with this module featuring HFS+ formatting for macOS® users. With productions embracing high resolution, high frame rate and multi-cam workflows, the Pak 2000 series addresses the issues of media storage. The Pak 2000-RO addresses the need of greater flexibility and formatting to fit into workflow demands.

The Pak 2000 family delivers the longer recording capacity required for live event productions, documentaries, news and sports programming, making it ideal for multi-camera HD workflows with the Ki Pro Ultra Plus’s multi-channel HD recording capabilities. The high capacity drive can hold more than four hours of 4K/UltraHD ProRes (HQ), three hours of ProRes 4444 at 30p, and up to two hours ProRes (HQ) or 90 minutes of ProRes 4444 at 60p. Double the length can be achieved with two Pak drives and rollover support in Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus. Like all AJA recording media, Pak 2000 is tested for optimal performance and reliability, and backed by an international warranty.


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