Neumann KH 750 - Active subwoofer



Active subwoofer with DSP, 10" speaker, 48.4 liters, 256 W, 105 dB SPL, 18-300 Hz, anthracite metallic.

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Neumann Compact DSP-Controlled Closed-Cabinet Subwoofer 

Designed to complement both small rooms small studio monitoring systems, the Neumann KH 750 is a DSP-powered, 10" subwoofer capable of reproducing 18 to 300 Hz at SPLs of 105 dB. This model supplies a flexible 2.0/0.1 Bass Manager, so the sub can be implemented in many different scenarios. Use the KH 750 for the LFE channel in a 5.1 setup or as a sub in a conventional stereo mix position. The KH 750 can be easily integrated with Neumann's range of monitors and is suitable for use in mixing, mastering, music, and broadcast.

The KH 750 has multiple rear-panel options to suit various configurations such as four different routing modes. Analog and digital I/O is on hand, as are fourth-order DSP crossovers and acoustical controls to integrate the sub into your room. Using the RJ45 connection, you can utilize Neumann.Control, which operates over a standard IP network and offers controls for the KH 750 not found on the physical sub itself. These controls make it easier to set up, align, and operate the sub within your system, even in small locales. The Neumann.Control software can be controlled by means of your computer or an iPad.

Use the KH 750 to complement your small studio monitoring rig, and in doing so, relive the burden of bass extension from your existing monitoring system. By implementing this sub, you'll also notice a marked decrease of harmonic and intermodulated distortion from your main monitors, as that load has now been lessened. A pleasant side effect will be the ability to increase the overall SPL of your loudspeakers, so you can check for how the mix sounds at louder levels without inducing distortion.


- Decreases the bass extension of the monitoring system

- Increases the maximum SPL of loudspeakers

- Decreases harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers

- Reproduces the LFE channel

- Reproduces the sub signal of a bass-managed multichannel source

- Makes a Plane Wave Bass Array system

- Works as an extension for KH 810, KH 870, and KH 805 subwoofer systems




Studio Monitor


Monitor Type

Active Subwoofer


Sealed, Shielded

Power Rating

256 W


LF Driver: 1 x 10" / 254 mm Woofer



Frequency Range

18 Hz to 300 Hz

Frequency Response

18 Hz to 800 Hz ± 6 dB 

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

105 dB

Dynamic Range

119 dBA 


< -100 dB (Analog)

< 90 dB (Digital)

Maximum Input Level

+24 dBu

Analog Input Sensitivity/Gain

+2 dB to -12 dB

Self-Generated Noise

Less Than 20 dBA (at 3" / 10 cm)

Phase Adjustment

Phase Inversion 0 / 180° 

Protections and Limiting

Limiter, Peak Limiter, Thermal Limiting


56 dB

Signal Processing



1 x LF Shelf  dB

1 x HF Shelf  dB 


1 x Low-Pass 



Crossover Frequency

80 Hz 

Crossover Type





2 x XLR Balanced Female Analog Input

2 x XLR Balanced Male Analog Output

1 x BNC AES/EBU Female Digital Input

1 x BNC AES/EBU Female Digital Output 

Computer Interface

1 x RJ45 (Controller)



AC Input Power

100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

410 W (Maximum)



Operating Temperature

50 to 104°F / 10 to 40°C

Operating Humidity


Storage Temperature

-13 to 158°F / -25 to 70°C



Enclosure Material

Aluminum, Wood

Dimensions (W x H x D)

13.0 x 15.1 x 15.1" / 330.0 x 383.0 x 383.0 mm (Each)


43.0 lb / 19.5 kg (Each)


Audio Monitor

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