Newtek 3PLAY4800 - 3PLAY 4800-MS



Instant Replay and Slow Motion system:10-channel:4-in redundant and 2-out. HD & SD...
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47 034,40 CHF (tax excl.)

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44 682,68 CHF


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3Play 4800, a multi-camera replay server that redefines price/performance standards in live sports production, with up to 8 simultaneous live video sources, or up to 4 with fully redundant capture. The new system, offers more real-time capabilities than any other multi-camera replay server, and gives sports producers unprecedented access to redundant capture, sophisticated visual effects, live replay switching, high quality slow motion, and social media publishing, all within a single, turnkey system.

- Redundant Capture - Redundant capture of up to 4 live video sources doubles up ISO recordings and protects all media assets. Users can also choose to simultaneously record all 8 inputs as separate camera feeds to add more angles as needed.

- High-end Visuals - Live animated, 3D-warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing, with custom animation creator and import of your own branded graphic elements.

- Live Replay Switching - Monitor all angles during replay, and transition between them video-switcher style, providing a completely finished replay segment within moments, animated transitions and all, to output to switcher, feed the video board, or upload to the Web.

- High Quality Slow Motion - Get clear, crisp slow motion playback with both standard HD or SD cameras, for sharper slow motion and dramatic stills alike.

- Social Media Publishing - Easily distribute content to multiple social media sites in one pass, even during live production, for a unified, immediate brand presence.

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