Portabrace SP-1BBAT - Sack Pack, Black



Sack Pack, Battery Bag Version, Black

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This heavy duty Water Proof Sack Pack from Porta-Brace® is designed to run power and data cables in and out of the case while keeping whatever electronics may be inside the sack dry, such as an external recording drive or battery chargers. The cables can simply be run outside of the case through its water proof velcro slips which keeps water from entering the case. The Sack Pack is as handy and simple to use as a shopping bag but with all the extra advantages of a well constructed Porta-Brace® case and this bag can double as a carrying case for your batteries and chargers when not being used in the rain. The case has two slip pockets, one on the front and one on the back. Its constructed of a double layer of 1000 denier Cordura® and has a foam padded bottom with a rubber water resistant slip-not base protecting your electronics from the outside elements. A velcro flap is located above the zipper that folds over the zipper to protect water from entering inside the zipper. This case is also equipped with our comfortable durable slip-not handles.


- Charge & Keep Batteries Dry In The Rain
- Durable Slip-not Water Resistant Base
- Easily Transportable
- Run Data & Power Cables Through Either Side Of The Cse
- Use External Recording Devices Safley In Wet Conditions

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