Libec REMO30 - Remote head for handheld cameras



Remote head for handheld cameras
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The Libec REMO30 Remote Head for Handheld Cameras remotely performs 

accurate camera operation via a unique motor power system that delivers that accuracy. 

By combining the power of pan and tilt motors, every pan, tilt and diagonal movement 

can be achieved at the speed ideal for the moment. REMO30 is IPX2 splash-proof and 

can operate effectively outdoors even in extreme weather conditions. REMO30 is a 

universal head and is compatible with tripods and jib arms you may already own.

A Perfect Bird's Eye View :

- With the REMO30 mounted upside down, you can achieve a precise bird's eye view shot.

Flexible Mounting :

- Fully compatible with nearly all 75 and 100mm tripods and jib arms.

Accurate Camera Balancing :

Ensures a perfect camera balance, preventing motor and drive stalling during 

tilt movements and instead, REMO30 offers smooth camera work at all times. 

A 3" sliding adapter plate aids back and forth balancing of the camera. 

For center of gravity positioning, fine tune adjustments can be achieved with the tilt arm at 90°.

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