Movietech 8418-0 - Pele Remote Head



Remote Head Pelé
Manufacturer's price :
12 096,00 CHF (tax excl.)

Visuals price :

10 160,64 CHF


Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks

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The highlights at a glance:

- Control panel with speed control

- Change of direction Switchable for pan and tilt axis

- Power supply via 2x V-Mount batteries (not included)

- Stable closed frame design for high weight loading

- 80mm Euro-Mount connectors for mounting on ABC light cranes

- Lightweight ABC-Products Aluminum frame concept

- Height adjustment of the tilt axis

Control panel Remote Head Pelé:

The control panel has a 2-axis joystick,Changeover switch for direction change, speed control, selector switch for ramps via 4 levels programmable, zoom rocker, focus wheel, Rec. On / Offabc-products-remote-head-pele-anschluss

Connection plate on remote head:

The connection plate on the remote head for the main control cable, video cable, connections for zoom and focus

One-man control for the remote head:

The one-man control allows the crane and remote heads to be operated with one person.

Transport case for remote head Pelé:

Transport case with rollers and molded foam ensures safe transport.

Handles of the one-man operation:

Ergonomic design of the one-man operation for an perfect handling of the joystick, zoom and focus.

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