Varizoom VZCPM-K4 - CinemaPro Micro Remote Head Kit4



CinemaPro Micro Head with Deluxe Jibstick Pro Controller. Kit Includes: 7.6meter Control...
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Using the same control system as our acclaimed CP and CP JR heads, the CP Micro offers the same frame-accurate, fully enclosed drivetrain, high-performance design at a much more affordable price and in a much smaller and lighter package. Ideal for Canon C100 & C300, Sony FS5, Sony A7RII, RED Raven, DSLRs, and any other compact cameras under 12lbs, the CP Micro sacrifices nothing in quality but is tailored to meet the needs of shooters requiring a smaller and lighter package.

The CP Micro works with all of the existing CinemaPro control devices, including pan bars, hand wheels, advanced console, new “River” multi-head 28-axis console, Jibstick Pro, and Jibstick JR.


Standard features:

- Dynamic speed control from an imperceptible creep up to 100 degrees/second

- Maintenance-free, high-power drivetrain holds camera position

- Cable pass-thru ports on pan and tilt rotators

- Cinema-grade handwheels control

- Native frame-accurate motion control capability

- Advanced Intervalometer for time lapse, stop motion

- Record and play back up to 2000 moves / 1 hour recorded time

- Set a repeat up to 2000 marked positions

- Camera sync for frame-accurate playback

- Easily adjustable single-lock camera platform

- User choice of Mitchell mount or 100mm ball mount at no charge

- Flexible mounting base allows field change of mount type with no special tools

- Lemo connectors for power and control

- AC power supply with 25′ cable

- 25′ control cable

- Hard carrying case

Optional features:


- Onboard lens control for servo lenses or external motor-drive systems

- 3″ riser block for additional camera clearance (field-installable)

- Pan Bars

- Basic or Pro Jibstick joystick controller

- Extension cables 50′, 100′ or custom length

- Battery power (external)

- Wireless control up to 1 mile

Built upon a legacy of exceptional quality at rational prices, the CP Micro will be perfect for any jib, remote pan/tilt, or multi-camera studio control system.





35 lbs


26 x 20 x 9 in










7 lbs

Camera Clearance

Vertical – Camera pointing straight down/up: 7" from center of cam plate to base.
Horizontal – Camera pointing level horizon, underslung: 8.25" min / 10.5" max.
With 3" head extension: Vertical 10", Horizontal 11.25" min / 13.5" max

Max Cable Extension

300 feet, longer with optional power booster

Camera weight

12 lbs

Pan/Tilt speed

100 degrees/second (limited for optimal performance)

Mechanical travel

Limited only by cable twist

Power Requirements

24VDC regulated, 4A max

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