Libec CU30 - Control unit for REMO30



Control unit for REMO30
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This CU30 Remote Control Unit for REMO30 Remote Head from Libec 

allows crane or jib operation duties to be split, allowing more 

attention to each function. While one operator concentrates on 

handling the crane or jib arm, another operator can focus on the remote 

head while using the control box. 

The remote head operator can wear the Libec vest and attach the T-bar to it. 

With the REMO30 control box (available separately) on the right, 

the ZFC-5HD zoom and focus control (available separately) on the left, 

and a monitor with a ball head attached in front, the remote head 

operator can move around freely--especially useful with a small crew.

The unit includes a Libec vest, a T-bar (main bar + support pipe) with 

a monitor mount screw, a Handle50 for zoom focus control access, 

a tripod adaptor, and a carrying case. The control unit can also 

be mounted on a tripod using the supplied tripod adapter, 

for remote operations via a REMO30 Control Box and Cable500 

Control Cable (available separately). Control cables can be 

connected to extend up to 99' for remote operations 

with no signal interruptions.

Product Highlights :

- Allows Jib Operator Duties To Be Split

- Included Vest Allows Freedom of Movement

- Mounts on 75mm/100mm Jib Arms/Tripods

- Can Be Extended Up to 99' With Cables

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