Skaarhoj RCPv2 - Joystick



RCPv2 - the world’s most flexible RCP just got better. Fits into your existing rack or sits...
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Skaarhoj RCPv2 - Joystick

Fits into your existing rack or sits console style on a table top. Use this universal RCP regardless of which camera brand you shade! With the motorized fader option you have the perfect multi camera RCP. Dedicated to scalability and a positive, unified user experience.


- Super crisp window with large display tiles for settings

- High-quality encoders with RGB backlight for function identification

- Pressure and direction sensitive joystick pad

- Camera ID display with OLED technology and RGB tally bar

- Classic iris joystick (with master black ring and preview button) or motorized fader with display and LED bar

- Preview button for GPI or control of video router

- Four-way buttons with OLED legends for dynamic labeling and functionality

- Fits in your existing OB van rack with a Sony RCP Form Factor (4"/102mm wide) or sits console style on table top

- Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

- UniSketch OS

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