Profoto P901183 - Softlight Kit



Softlight Kit consisting of: 1 Softlight Reflector white 1 Honeycomb 25 ° for Softlight...
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Profoto Softlight Kit

Kit include:

- 25 Degree Grid for Profoto Softlight Reflector

- 1/3 Stop Diffuser

The Softlight Kit from Profoto is a softlight reflector kit with three items: the softlight reflector, a honeycomb grid, and a diffuser. The softlight reflector provides soft but directional light suitable for fashion and portrait photography. Of course, it can also be used for numerous lighting applications in architectural, interior design and product photography. The kit includes a honeycomb grid with a 25º beam spread to narrow the light for more precise illumination and a diffuser of 1/3 stop reduction to produce even softer light. The grid clips onto the reflector while the diffuser wraps around and secures itself with a strong elastic band. This reflector is compatible with all Profoto heads, including ProTungsten Air and ProDaylight Air. Use it as an alternative to a softbox.


Known as the "beauty dish" because it throws directed but soft light, perfect for fashion and soft portrait photography. It offers a 65º light spread and is meant to be placed close to the subject in order to produce "character" lighting.


25º honeycomb grid controls the light to a more precise location. Not as tight as a spot light but good for producing highlights.


The diffuser wraps around the reflector to further soften the light, reducing it by 1/3 stop.





Beam Angle


Requires Speed Ring / Adapter

No, Profoto Mount Built In


2.8 lb / 1.2 kg



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