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7000 Lm XGA Installation Projector

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Featuring a very wide range of lens-shift adjustment, and interchangeable lenses, this is a projector that installers can easily fit into awkward places, often reusing mounts and fixtures. The VPL-FX500L is so flexible that it can replace a very wide range of existing equipment. 

Outstanding image quality is just one of the many benefits of Sony's 3LCD BrightEra technology. By reducing the effects of UV light, it lengthens panel life, brightens the image, and improves colour rendition. 

Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. Automatic lamp-switching means that at the end of a lamp's working life, another one, already in place, is brought into use. 

Synchronised lamp and filter cycles halve the required number of maintenance visits. 

The VPL-FX500 is the perfect choice for venues that need an extremely bright projector with a high quality image and low maintenance costs

BrightEra Technology

Sony's BrightEra Panel Technology gives more accurate colour rendition, higher brightness and longer lifespan for a lower Total Cost of Ownership

Ultra High Brightness

Ultra high brightness for a clear image in high ambient light. Ideal for large venues

Wide Zoom Range as standard

Standard lens has wide zoom capability for more flexibility over positioning of projector, which can installed closer to or further back from the screen

Wide Lens Shift Range

Wide lens shift range means the projector can be positioned closer to the ceiling, or horizontally offset to avoid ceiling obstacles

Compatible with wide range of lenses

Choose the characteristics of the projector's optics by selecting the lens from a range compatible with previous models

Twin lamp system

A second lamp is built in to provide automatic back up. The two lamps can be alternately used.

Lamp/Filter replacement cycles synchronised

Synchronised lamp and filter replacement effectively halves the number of visits needed to maintain the projector in peak operating condition

Lower Power Consumption

Lower operating power consumption helps reduce energy consumption and lowers running costs

Multiple Input Types

A wide range of inputs makes it easy to source presentations from almost any type of device including 1080p HD video and up to UXGA digitally from computers

Monitor output

External monitor output that allows presenters to see their slides and videos on a smaller screen in their field of view, so that they never have to turn their back on the audience

Wide Range of Image Adjustment

Wide range of image adjustment allows the projector to be installed in a much wider range of locations. Installers are more likely to be able to use existing mounts, or to work around existing obstructions


- 3LCD XGA BrightEra Panel with enhanced UV protection to reduce the effect of heating on the LCD panel

- Ultra high brightness: 7,000 ANSI Lumens

- Standard Lens has wide Manual Zoom

- Wide lens shift range: Vertical: +/- 96%, Horizontal: +/- 64% (depending on optional lens)

- Compatible with lenses from PX30, PX40, FX50, FH300

- Twin lamp system

- Filter maintenance synchronised with lamp replacement

- Lower operating power consumption than previous models

- Wide range of inputs for a variety of source devices

- D-Sub15 output for external monitor connection

- Wide range of image adjustment

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