Fostex HP-A3 - 32bit D/A Converter - Headphone Amp



32bit D/A Converter - Headphone Amp
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The HP-A3 32-Bit D/A Convertor with Headphone Amp from Fostex is a digital to analog audio convertor designed for computer audio output. It is capable of handling up to a 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio source. 

It features two analog outputs choices: two RCA line outs or a ¼" headphone out, powered by its built-in headphone amplifier. The HP-A3 has two digital input options; either USB or optical S/PDIF. It also features an S/PDIF digital output, which allows the unit to act as a digital to digital convertor from USB to optical. The unit is USB bus powered regardless of input routing choice and does not have a separate AC input. The input and output routing is selectable by front panel selector buttons.

- USB Bus power without using bulky AC adapter for ease of use with a laptop
- Equipped with high-grade AKM 32bit DAC AK4390
- Power supply is built-in to reproduce the stable electrical supply
- Condensers and OP amp are designed exclusively for audio applications
- USB or digital (optical) input selector button
- Headphones or RCA (analog) output selector button
- Doubles as digital to digital converter from USB digital audio to optical output
- Fixed sampling rate of 96 kHz with USB input
- Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows XP or later

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