Dedolight SETDLHPA7x2DT - DLHPA7x2DT soft light head



DLHPA7x2DT soft light head, 2x DEB400DT ballasts, 2x light head cables, Panaura 7 dome, 2x...
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Optimized for use with PanAura soft boxes, this Dedolight PanAura Soft Light Head is a single-function fixture designed to accept two 400/575W metal halide lamps. The unique soft light design, coupled with the PanAura soft box design that places the light source in front of the focal point of the reflector enables more efficient and even light transmission with a gentle wraparound quality.

The light head is set within a yoke for controlled positioning and the light head's design enables the direct attachment of dedicated PanAura soft boxes. Two protective glass tubes are also included. This light does require the use of two DEB400DT ballasts and two DPOW400DT head cables.

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