CatDV WNR - CatDV Workgroup Worker Node



CatDV Workgroup Worker Node (run up to 3 actions)

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851,20 CHF


Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks

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The Worker Node is highly configurable. You can use it in many different ways depending on your requirements, for example:

- enforce project best practice, perhaps placing still images in one folder, video in another, and rendering audio if it's the wrong sample rate

- use it to create proxies in the background without tying up the CatDV user interface

- as a gateway to manage your shared storage without exposing full write to all the users of the system (by providing a public drop box for users to submit files to the system and then have the Worker Node move the files to their correct place in the library)

- transcoding files and FTPing them to a playout server once clips are marked as "Approved"

- move files to a long term storage location when they are due to be archived

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