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Device for digital reproduction of damageable historic books and documents with critical...
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Wolfenbüttel Book Reflector

Device for digital reproduction of damageable historic books and documents with critical condition, especially for books that can not be opened for more than 45°. All movements are done manually for maximum protection of the book.

Modular concept: The user chooses the suitable camera and lighting.

Functional principle:

The opened book is placed in a V-shaped book cradle and retained there. A V-shaped wedge with a glass plate on one side and a mirror on the opposite side is moved manually into the opened book and is locked into position. The two side rests, that are opened at an angle of a bit more than 45° are now manually moved to the book cover at exactly 45°. The glass plate of the wedge flattens the page that has to be reproduced. The mirror image is now digitally photographed or scanned. A suitable software will now convert the digital image into a true sided image.


- horizontally movable table for precise positioning

- padded book spine rest with foam filling and teflonized fabric cover

- padded book cover rests are individually horizontally movable via gear rack with hand drive for alignment to the  thickness of the book

- adjustment of the inclination of the side rests via hand-operated bowden wire

- vertically movable mirror wedge with counter balance mounting and hand-operated brake via bowden wire

- separate camera stand with H-foot and vertical column

- height adjustable feet

- camera carrier with 22.5 inclination and 40 cm (15 in) travelling distance for frame adjustment

- holding arm for camera with gear rack and hand crank


- Basic table (WxHxD): 88 x 75 x 78 cm (24 x 29 x 30 in)

- Max. book/page dimensions: 45 x 45 cm (17.5 x 17.5 in)

- Max. thickness of book: 15 cm (6 in)

- Covered area close to fold: approx. 4 mm

- Total height of book reflector: 2.07 m (7 ft)

- Total height of camera stand: 2.0 m (6.5 ft)

- Required floor space for book reflector and camera stand: max 150 x 120 cm (5 x 4 ft)

The Wolfenbüttel Book Reflector is a public private partnership development of Kaiser Fototechnik, Image Engineering Cologne and the Herzog-August Library of Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

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