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NextoDi NCB-20-Cfast V-mount installed Model

Multiple memory card reader and copier

Now you can safely back up your memory cards with single button operation even when you are using multiple cameras. NCB-20 makes your life easier and safer.

Backup multiple memory cards in a batch!

The NCB-20 can copy and verify your footage without computer. Each time you put in the memory card, the NCB-20 parse the folder structure then compare it with the stored backup folders, and suggest [Copy] or [Verify] depends on the result of the comparison.

Automatic Labeling

Link between camera and backup folder via auto-labeling. To facilitate the management of backup data, the NCB-20 uses the group number to name the folder and label each memory card with the pre-assigned slot name. By assigning each camera man to a specific memory card slot, editors can easily find the origin of footage.

Ensure 100% data safety with Multi-copy [M-copy]

Copy to two USB drives simultaneously to achieve 100% data safety. The NCB-20 simultaneously copies memory cards to two external USB drives at the same time. This M-copy technology minimizes copying time with parallel processing. Two backups to different drives ensure 100% data safety.

Multi-slot USB card reader

No need to carry a separate USB card reader. The NCB-20 can be connected to a computer via USB3 and used as a USB card reader. It is the only USB card reader that supports multiple identical memory cards.

Card Eraser

Erase multiple cards in a batch! You can delete multiple cards with one button click by using [Delete Card] function of the NCB-20. A handy feature for managing multiple memory cards.

Versatile power options

The NCB-20 is designed to support a variety of power options to meet on-site power environments such as V mount battery(Optional), D-tap and USB power bank. Operates from 6 to 25V and protects up to 40V.






200g / 0.4lb


156 x 80 x 34 (mm) / 6.1 x 3.1 x 1.3 (inches)


2.4-inch Colour TFT LCD: 320*240, 64K colour

Memory card Support

CFast Model CFast (1.1&2.0) 4 slot


External drive


Two USB3.0 host port for any USB3.0 drive, max 32TB


Supports Advanced Format storage, i.e., sector size bigger than 512 bytes

File System

Memory card FAT32, exFAT, UDF, HFS+


USB External drive exFAT

Computer I/F

USB 3.0: 5Gbit/sec

OS Compatibility

Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10


(Windows XP requires exFAT patch update)


MAC OS 10.6.5 or later, Linux 2.4.18 or later


DC adapter


Recommended: DC 12V/2A


Operational range: DC ±6~25V, external diameter 3.5Φ, internal diameter 1.3Φ


USB Power Bank


Supply power to the Computer (USB Power Bank) port with a USB3.0 micro-B cable or a USB2.0 micro-B cable (5 pin cable used for the smart phone charger).


5V, 10,000mAH or more. 2.1A output. (Limited operation)


CFast 2.0 Card
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