Sony LMD-A170 - 17inch High Grade Professional LCD Monitor



17Inch High Grade Professional Lcd Monitor
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The LMD-A170 17-inch LMD-A Series LCD monitor offers Full HD resolution, along with a lightweight and compact design. There is more than a 12% to 22% reduction in mass, 30% reduction in depth, and more than 25% reduction in power consumption, compared to Sony’s previous models. The LMD-A Series offers the same user-interface design, convenient features, functions and operability as PVM-A Series OLED picture monitors. This consistency between the PVM-A and LMD-A Series brings great user benefits when both types of monitor are used in the same network. Furthermore, LMD-A Series monitors provide versatility for a wide range of user applications both in the studio and in the field. These include DC operation, VESA mount and yoke-mount holes, and an optional protection kit.

- Full HD picture monitor with excellent cost-performance ratio

- Incorporates a 17-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD panel and emulates broadcast standards (ITU-R BT.709, EBU, and SMPTE-C).

- Lightweight and slim design

- More than a 12% to 22% reduction in mass, 30% reduction in depth, and more than 25% reduction in power consumption, compared to Sony’s previous models.

- Ideal for studio and field applications

- Features includes DC operation, VESA mount and yoke-mount holes.

- Consistency with PVM-A Series monitors

- Both types of monitor can be operated and controlled in the same way.

- Optional protection kit (BKM-PL17)

- Provides an AR-coated protection panel for the 17-inch monitor, along with corner bumpers to safeguard the monitor from scratches and impact in the field.


- Lightweight and compact with lower power consumption

- These monitors offer a design that is uniquely light and compact. Their weight is reduced by 12% to 22%, and depth by more than 30%, compared with predecessor models. Power consumption for these models is reduced by more than 25%. Users appreciate these convenient, cost-saving qualities.

- Optimised low-latency I/P conversion

- The I/P conversion system delivers automatically optimised signal processing according to input signals with low-latency (less than 0.5 field). This system helps users to edit and monitor for a live production.

- Time code and In-Monitor Display (IMD) function

- With an external remote function via Ethernet, image source names and tally information can be displayed on screen. LMD-A Series monitors support the TSL system protocol. The IMD system can display European language text including umlaut and accent marks.

- Waveform monitor and vector scope display

- These features enable users to monitor sources using the internal waveform and vector scope. In addition, LMD-A Series monitors provide some of the same evaluation tools as larger, dedicated equipment. Both the waveform monitor and the vector scope offer zoom functions for very precise signal adjustment (from zero to 20% video level), and both have two-channel audio monitoring.

- Optional protection kit (BKM-PL17)

- This accessory provides an AR-coated protection panel for the 17-inch monitor, along with corner bumpers to safeguard the monitor from scratches and impact. The benefit of this is significant when renting out these monitors – for example, panel damage is reduced and there is a far lower incidence of panel replacement and downtime during rental cycles.

- Yoke-mount and VESA-mount capability

- The monitor includes screw holes on its side bezels for yoke mounting. This type of mounting is convenient when installing a monitor to a camera crane or monitor stand. There are also VESA-mount 100?mm pitch holes on each monitor’s rear panel. The optional MB-L17 mounting bracket (available separately) is designed to work with the LMD-A170. The optional SU-561 monitor stand (available separately) providing height and tilt function is also available for this model.

- User-friendly operability and user interface (UI)

- The monitor has a number of additional features, including: Time Code display (LTC/VITC-supported); safety area markers, closed caption display (EIA/CEA-608 and EIA/CEA-708, SDI only), 8-channel audio level meter display, computer signal input capability via HDMI input and external remote control function.

- Consistent design with PVM-A Series monitors

- LMD-A Series monitors offer the same functions and operability as PVM-A Series monitors and share a consistent front control panel design. This means that both types of monitor can be operated and controlled in the same way.

- Input versatility

- LMD-A Series monitors are equipped with built-in standard input interfaces: 3G/HD/SD-SDI (x2) with active loop outputs (x2), HDMI (HDCP) input (x1), and composite (x1) with analogue loop output (x1).

- Computer signal input capability

- Multiple computer signals can be received via an HDMI/DVI interface; the resolution range is from 640 x 480 to 1680 x 1050 pixels.

- Camera focus function

- The LMD-A170 monitor can control the aperture level of a video signal, and display images on the screen with sharpened edges to help camera focus operation. Further to this, the sharpened edges can be displayed in user-selectable colours (white, red, green, blue, and yellow) for more precise focusing.

- On screen Tally

- The monitor is equipped with a three colours red, green and yellow On-screen Tally function.

- Network control function

- The LMD-A170 has the network control function that allows you to upgrade the monitor software by Ethernet very easily. The network capability will also be utilized for a central control of multiple units in a system environment.

- DC power operation

- The LMD-A170 is equipped with a DC power connector, which allows operation within 12V to 17V power range.








Backlight Technology


Screen Size (Diagonal)

16.5" (42.2 cm)

Effective Picture Size (H x V)

14.40 x 8.10" (36.58 x 20.57 cm)


1920 x 1080

Native Aspect Ratio


Viewing Angle (H/V)

178° / 178°

Normal Scan

0% scan

Color Temperature

D65, D93

Warm-Up Time

Approx. 30 minutes



Video Input


1 x HDMI, HDCP compliant

1 x BNC, Composite (NTSC/PAL)

Audio Input

1 x Stereo mini jack, -5 dBu 47 kohm or higher

Power Input

1 x XLR 4-pin (male), 12 to 17 VDC (output impedance 0.05 ohm or less)

Remote Control

1 x Parallel remote, RJ-45 modular connector 8-pin

1 x Serial remote, RJ-45 modular connector (ETHERNET, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)



Video Output

2 x BNC, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Output signal amplitude: 800 mVp-p ±10%

Output impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced

1 x BNC, Composite (NTSC/PAL) loop-though, 75 ohm automatic terminal function

Audio Output

1 x Stereo mini jack, audio monitor output

1 x Stereo mini jack, headphone output

1 x 1.0 W monaural speaker

Video Signals



3G-SDI (10-bit 4:4:4 YCbCr and 4:4:4 RGB supported)

1080PsF 24/25/30

1080p 24/25/30/

1080i 50/60

720p 50/60

3G-SDI (10-bit 4:2:2 YCbCr supported)

1080p 50/60


1080PsF 24/25

1080p 24/25/30

1080i 50/60

720p 24/25/30/50/60

575/50i (PAL)

480/60i (NTSC)


1080p 24/25/30/50/60

1080i 50/60

720p 50/60




575/50i (PAL)

480/60i (NTSC)

Note: 1080/25PsF, 30PsF are displayed as 1080/25PsF, 30PsF on the screen if the payload ID is added to the video signal, or displayed as 1080/50i, 60i if the ID is not added.

PC Signal Compatibility

HDMI input:

640 x 480: 25.175 MHz, fH 31.5 kHz, fV 60 Hz

1280 x 768: 68.25 MHz, fH 47.4 kHz, fV 60 Hz

1280 x 1024: 108 MHz, fH 64 kHz, fV 60 Hz

1360 x 768: 85.5 MHz, fH 47.7 kHz, fV 60 Hz

1440 x 900: 88.75 MHz, fH 55.5 kHz, fV 60 Hz

1680 x 1050: 119 MHz, fH 64.7 kHz, fV 60 Hz




100 to 240 VAC, 0.5 to 0.4 A, 50/60 Hz

12 to 17 VDC (4-pin XLR)

Power Consumption

Approx. 49 W (max.)

Approx. 42 W (average power consumption in the default status)

Inrush Current

Maximum possible inrush current at initial switch-on (voltage changes caused by manual switching):

45 a peak, 5 A r.m.s (240 VAC)

Inrush current after a mains interruption of 5 seconds (voltage changes caused at zero-crossing):

15 A peak, 3 A r.m.s. (240 VAC)

Operating Temperature

32 to 95°F (0 to 35°C)

Recommended temperature: 68 to 86°F (20 to 30°C)

Operating Humidity

30 to 85% (no condensation)

Storage Temperature

-4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)

Storage Humidity

0 to 90%

Pressure Tolerance

700 hPa to 1060 hPa

VESA Mounting

100 x 100 mm

Dimensions (H x W x D)

Without feet: 11.4 x 16.5 x 2.8" (288.8 x 420.2 x 70.2 mm)

With feet: 12.3 x 16.5 x 6.5" (311.3 x 420.2 x 165.0 mm)


Approx. 10.8 lb (4.9 kg)


Monitor Hoods

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