Overland OV-NEOsT488FC - 576/1440 TB Overland NEOs T48, 48 Slots


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576/1440 TB Overland NEOs T48, 48 Slots, LTO-8 drive, Autoloader, 19" Rack 4U, FC [Warranty: 1 Year Bronze Level; OV-NEOsT488FC]

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Don’t let the entry-level price point fool you — the NEOs T24 is a powerful backup and archive solution designed for small businesses or remote locations. Packing up to 720TB of storage capacity in a compact 2U form factor, the NEOs T24 delivers amazing capabilities in a compact form factor and provides affordable, dependable, easy to use backup and archive capability for a variety of data center environments.

With This Product You Can...

Affordably backup or archive up to 720TB of data

Effortlessly manage your backup and archive processes from anywhere in the world

Add tape drives as needed for increased performance and enhanced efficiency 

- Encryption

- Remote Management

- Removable Cartridge Magazines

- Upgradable Tape Drives

- Partitioning Encryption Highlights

- Encryption-enabled for increased data security

- FIPS 140-2 approved

- Easily integrates with data center ISV applications  Remote Management

NEO Series remote management provides intelligent, proactive administration and monitoring of the tape library, tape drives and media, ensuring a seamless backup and archive process.

- 10/100-BaseT Ethernet connection

- Provides tape drive and tape cartridge status information

- Enables remote configuration activities

- Alerts user to unusual/suspicious activity that may affect the backup/archive process via email or SNMP traps

- Enables remote firmware upgrades

- Provides remote diagnostics capabilities

Why You Need It...

- Provides convenient and reliable management of the backup/archive process from anywhere in the world  Removable Cartridge Magazines

NEO Series removable cartridge magazines provide effortless media handling for loading/unloading of cartridges while facilitating off-line storage for disaster recovery purposes.

- Allows users to conveniently add/remove cartridges in their NEO library

- Provides easy off-line handling of multiple cartridges

- Enables convenient off-line/off-site storage of cartridges for disaster recovery purpose

- Ensures more efficient media handling both inside and outside of a NEO Series library

Why You Need It...

- Reduces administrative overhead by making media handling more efficient and reliable  Upgradable Tape Drives

Avoid those dreaded forklift upgrades when new tape technologies become available. With NEO Series libraries, you can upgrade your drives and media on the fly. Installing and removing tape drives in is quick and easy. LTO drives maintain backward compatibility to previous generation tapes, so you won’t orphan any data during the upgrade process. This approach not only protects your investment, but also minimizes administrative overhead, and reduces service/maintenance costs.


- Users can easily remove/replace tape drives to provide effortless upgrades to next-generation tape drive technologies

- Downtime costs are eliminated by enabling end user replacement of tape drives (no waiting for a service tech to show up)

- Tape drives can easily be added to existing tape libraries for increased performance and efficiency

- Tape drives can be interchanged between NEO libraries for increased investment protection

Why You Need It...

- Protects your original library investment and reduces administrative overhead  Partitioning

NEO Series partitioning capability allows you to configure a single physical library into multiple virtual libraries.


- Improves efficiency of the backup/archive process by enabling multi-tasking within the same library

- Enables you to configure a single NEO library to interface with different backup servers, regardless of their connectivity type (SCSI, SAS, FC, etc.)

- Protects your investment by allowing you to simultaneously use a single NEO library with a variety of backup software applications

Why You Need It...

- To maximize efficiency and improve cost of ownership 



# of tape cartridge slots  --  48

# of tape drives  --  1-4

# of mail slots --  3

Tape drives supported  --  LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5

Minimum Capacity

--  LTO-8: 576TB

--LTO-7: 288TB

--LTO-6: 120TB

--LTO-5: 72TB

Maximum Capacity

--LTO-8: 1.4PB

--LTO-7: 720TB

--LTO-6: 300TB

-- LTO-5: 144TB

Minimum data transfer rate

--LTO-8: 4.2TB/hr

--LTO-7: 4.2TB/hr

--LTO-6: 576GB/hr

--LTO-5: 504GB/hr

Maximum data transfer rate

-- LTO-8: 10.8TB/hr

-- LTO-7: 10.8TB/hr

-- LTO-6: 5.8TB/hr

-- LTO-5: 4.0TB/hr

Interfaces  --  6Gb SAS, 8Gb FC

Connectors  --  Mini-SAS, LC optical FC

Form Factor  --  4U

Dimensions (inches)  --  6.9"(h) x 17.6"(w) x 29.13"(d)

Dimensions (mm)  --  175.3mm x 447.0mm x 739.9mm

Weight (pounds - unpackaged)--   47 / 21.31kg

Avg. cartridge swap time  --  45 seconds

Inventory time --  2:15 minutes

Power Requirements  --  312 watts (max)

Input Requirements  --  100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Humidity (non-condensing; operating)--   10% to 80%

Temperature range (operating)--   50° to 113° F (10° to 45° C)

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