Sekonic E100390 - L-758 Cine DigitalMaster FilmMeter



L-758Cine DigitalMaster is the ultimate light-measuring tool for cinematographers and...
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Sekonic E100384 - L-858D Sekonic Posemètre Speedmaster L-858D

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The Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster is the ultimate light-measuring tool

for cinematographers and videographers as well as digital still shooters. 

Offering the most extensive range of fps (frames-per-second), cine shutter speeds, 

and shutter angle settings, it meets and exceeds the demands of Professional 

Cinematographers and Professional Still Photographers. 

The key to precise lighting and great exposures is understanding 

the dynamic range of your camera and calibrating your meter to work with it. 

Long a time-consuming necessity, Sekonic has automated the process to one 

that takes just minutes. Sekonic’s DTS Version 3.0 enables measuring the 

dynamic range of your HDSLR or Digital Video Camera and calibrating a 

Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster meter to that specific data. Precise metering 

has moved to a new level of excellence.

The automated process requires recording images of one of Sekonic’s 

Exposure Profile Targets or one of X-Rite’s ColorChecker® series targets, 

available as a separate purchase. Once recorded, the processed TIFF or JPEG image 

files are imported into Sekonic’s DTS software for processing and mapping. 

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