UPRtek MK350S - Advanced Spectrometer



UPRtek MK350S advanced spectrometer is a handheld measuring instrument for calculating the...
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UPRtek MK350S advanced spectrometer is a handheld measuring instrument for calculating the absolute or relative irradiance of many different light sources. It can do photometric measurements (in milliwatt per square metre, illuminance...), color parameters (including X, Y, Z , u', v', C.I.E chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index (Ra / R1~R15), TM-30-15, color quality scale, and the television lighting consistency index ), and features such as dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, and scotopic-to-photopic ratio, develops and produces industrial applications for commercial lighting, architecture lighting design, green house light penetration and color analyses.

When using artificial lighting, uniformity and constant quality of the light spectrum is very important for a constant quality of crop production. Set your light to spread out under certain conditions to increase lighting quality. It is an economical and reliable measurement solution that can be real-time and in sit monitoring light quality and solve business and specification controversy. Records over 46 light unit-of-measures; Basic List items (PPF, CCT, CRI, CQS, CIE1976 , CIE1931, LUX, FC, LambdaP, R1 to R15, S/P ratio, Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI ), Gamut Area Index (GAI ); additional free uSPECTRUM PC software and iOS/Adroid APP for quickly sharing product information for multiple purposes in lighting, horticulture and photography industry.


• Enhanced screen resolution improvements from predecessor models
• More than 46 light unit-of-measures to choose from
• Standalone LED meter – no other equipment necessary (e.g. PC, Smartphone etc.)
• Illumination distribution charts provide assistance in fixture design
• “BIN” ranking features allow for fast CIE 1931 inspection and confirmation of LED quality
• Visual aim'n click scope (on-screen viewport) - no more blind measurements
• Automatic continuous measurements with data-save to a SD card
• Easy, on-the-spot data comparison features – comparing 2 LEDs, or comparing against historical data
• Maximum and minimum acceptable ranges for validating LED quality
• Built-in file browser allows users to instantly read data in saved files

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