LMP ProStand_sc-50 - ProStand, ergonomic aluminum table stand



LMP ProStand, ergonomic aluminum table stand for 12 "to 17" laptop, black, 50 Pack [18657]

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LMP ProStand, ergonomic aluminum table stand, 50 Pack

Today’s notebooks are powerful enough to be used for almost any task. But working all day hunched over a notebook can be fatiguing and put strain on your back and neck muscles leading to pain. Instead of bending your head to meet the notebooks display, the LMP ProStand lifts the display up to eye level thus transforming a mobile computer into a stable and ergonomic workstation.

The ProStand is made out of durable anodized aluminum. Available in silver, space gray and black, it matches perfectly with today’s notebooks. It is a stylish stand for any 12″ to 17″ notebook, making your desktop look tidy.

But the ProStand can do even more: High-precision slits have been crafted into the aluminum in 5 different positions. These slits can hold an LMP Attach Dock for ProStand (sold separately), or a USB-C dock that transforms your ProStand into a versatile docking station with several USB and video ports as well as a Gigabit Ethernet outlet.


- Ergonomic working with any 12" to 17" laptop by bringing the display to eye level

- Stylish laptop stand made out of anodized aluminum

- Keeps the workspace tidy

- Available in three color to match any laptop

- Ready to be combined with the LMP Attach Dock for ProStand (sold separately)









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