OConnor C1250-0001 - HiHat Mitchell (fixed legs)



HiHat Mitchell (fixed legs)
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OConnor HiHat Mitchell (Fixed Legs)

The OConnor made Standard Mitchell Base High Hat allows you to mount your Mitchell base tripod head in locations a conventional tripod can't manage and still use the tripod head's pan and tilt functions. This high hat features three keyways making it quicker to align the head's locating key to the high hat. In addition if one of the high hat's keyways becomes damaged, you can still mount your tripod head using one of the other two keyways and continue shooting. The pre-drilled mounting holes in the high hat's support feet make it easy to attach the high hat to structures for long-term projects.

High hats are often mounted to a platform such as a wood board or metal plate, this allows you to quickly, securely yet temporarily attached it to various surfaces, such as ladders when capturing high angle shots. For low angle shots, the platform the high hat is attached to is usually weighed down with sand bags, providing increased stability during the shot.





Head Attachment Fitting

Standard Mitchell

 3 x Keyways

Material of Construction

Aluminum with a powder coated finish


Pre-drilled Holes

3 x 3/8" non tapped

Note: One hole in each of the high hats support feet


4.5 " (11.4 cm)


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