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SafeCapsule SC2 -WB3-unpopulated
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With snow white surface and compact style, the SC2 series works perfectly with various Mac computer. SC2 series’ RAID 1 mirroring technology enables you to save more photos and video files at ease by automatically making backups of all the data on disk.

The best partner of Time Machine®. 

The SC2-WB3 works perfectly with the Time Machine® backup software of your Mac OS by connecting to the later at the Firewire 800 (1394b) port. You can assign the SC2-WB3 as your backup disk with simple setups. You are relieved from severe damages caused by miss-deleted data and disk failure as all your important software and working data are continuously duplicated.

USB 3.0 - fast and convenient transmission technology.

The SC2-WB3 features USB 3.0 transmission interface for 5 Gb/s transmission bandwidth as well as backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. SC2-WB3 is not only convenient to use but also quick and simple in reading various digital files with high transmission speed.

With Safe Capsule’s built-in power supply, the connection cables are reduced even further as no other clunky power supply is required. The removable structure at the bottom of the device facilitates simple and easy disk installation and replacement.

Protect important data by attending to every fine detail. 

SC2 features one 60 mm fan to cool down the hard drive at high speed revolution with continuous air circulation. This ensures that the temperature of your hard drive remains normal and that it allows longer life cycle and, in turn, even better data protection. 

Bright indicators presenting disk status all the time. 

In addition to power indicator, the Safe Capsule is equipped with a disk status indicator to show disk status all the time. In case of any disk failure, the Safe Capsule beeps warning sound to remind you of disk replacement. After a new disk was installed, the Safe Capsule re-builds contents in data disk to the new one automatically. The disk status indicator lights and shows rebuilding progress to help you monitor the mirroring progress from time to time.

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