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Sony PSZ-HA1T - 1TB Professional External Hard Disc Drive



The 1TB Professional External Hard Disc Drive from Sony features a 1TB capacity drive encased in a reinforced, shock-resistant enclosure. Connect this drive to a both Windows and Mac computers via the integrated USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 ports complete with dust and splash resistant doors.

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Sony 1TB Professional External Hard Disc Drive

Safe and fast for today’s workflows 

Sony is a pioneer in file-based workflow with high capacity Professional Disc and high speed SxS memory card technology. In 2013, Sony further expanded its professional range with the launch of professional hard disc drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs). These external drives fit perfectly into file-based workflows. They allow precious footage to be downloaded and backed-up before editing while on location. And with excellent shock resistance and PC or Mac compatibility, they’re an ideal media for delivering recordings to the studio. 

Tough, shock resistant storage 

The new drives are ready to handle the reality of on-location shoots. Rapid data transfer at up to 120MB per second to HDD enables professionals to quickly back up the day’s footage. Common interfaces such as USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 provide perfect compatibility with Sony decks PMW-50 and PMW-1000. Shooting outdoors in harsh environments poses its own challenges. Accidents can happen anytime and a secure, hard wearing device is essential to protect precious footage. These drives have been robustly designed to take shocks and falls of up to 2 meters and conform to military standard 810-G. A special silicon cover protects the ports from dust and water so you can back-up safely in all conditions and environments. 

Professional expertise 

As a leading manufacturer of broadcast cameras and decks, Sony understands the unique needs of professional users. With many production companies transporting footage during a shoot, a tough case is essential. The new Sony case protects drives against accidental damage when dropped as high as 2.3 meters(2). It allows easy cable storage to prevent cables becoming lost in transit and a handy label identifying content. Should users ever need help, Sony drives come with full professional support including a three year warranty for free replacement of a faulty product and technical assistance. Unique to Sony is a valuable data recovery service that strives to recover lost or damaged contents using cutting edge facilities and techniques.

Sony Customer Service includes unique data recovery. The drives come with full professional support including a three-year warranty and a valuable data recovery service.







Rotational Speed



1x USB 3.0

2x Fireware 800

Transfer Speed USB 3.0

Up to 120MB/s

Power Supply

USB-bus power / Fireware-bus power

Shock resistance

MIL-STD-810G compliant

Up to 2meters (Sony internal testing)

File System (Factory Default)



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