Canon 3075C067 - EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera + EF-EOS-R Adapter



Canon EOS R, a pioneering full-frame mirrorless camera that sets new standards.
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Canon EOS R Body, incl lens adapter EF-EOS R

The Canon EOS R sets new standards as a mirrorless full-frame camera. The 30.3 

megapixel full-frame sensor and dual-pixel CMOS AF and high photosensitivity offer impressive detail . The RF lenses contribute to the excellent 



- 30.3 megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor 

- quiet images 

- 8 frames / s 

- 4K video 

- WLAN integrated 

- autofocus with -6 light 

With the fast and wide lens mount, the EOS R is a camera for interchangeable lenses that with the new era of RF 

lenses is compatible. These have been developed for the optimum distance to a full-frame sensor. This combination of

high-quality optics and the groundbreaking new lens mount of the creative camera extend the limits of the possibilities for 

photo and video recordings. 

Perfect handling with a great design

The EOS R offers the same comfortable grip as an EOS DSLR and a high degree of configuration options. 

Innovations such as a multifunctional touch bar, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and a rotating and swiveling display 

make the operation of this camera particularly easy and intuitive. 

Connect, Upload and Share

The EOS R is designed for photographers and filmmakers who travel a lot. About the constant Bluetooth Low

Energy connection allows a smartphone to be permanently paired with the camera, and the built-in Wi-Fi allows instant 

sharing of images via a cloud service. Even more creative freedom is provided by remote-controlled recordings and tethered shoots. 

Lots of special accessories

For those who already own EF and EF-S lenses, the EOS R offers full compatibility with an appropriate adapter - 

with no loss of performance or quality. The Canon Speedlite flashes provide creative and flexible illumination and 

the EOS accessory opens up the possibilities for even more creativity.





Image sensor



CMOS sensor (36 x 24 mm) 

Pixel effective:

Approximately 30.3 megapixels 

Total pixels:

Approximately 31.7 megapixels 

Aspect ratio:

3: 2 

Low Pass Filter:

Integrated, fixed 

Sensor cleaning:

EOS Integrated Cleaning System 

Color filter:

Primary Color 

Image Processor






Lens Mount:

RF (EF and EF-S lenses can be equipped with one of the lens adapters EF-EOS R, lens adapter with control ring 

EF-EOS R or lens adapter EF-EOS R (for drop-in filter). EF-M lenses are not compatible) 

Focal length:

No focal length conversion factor with RF and EF lenses, focal length conversion factor 1.6x with EF-S lenses 




Detecting the phase differences on the image sensor (Dual Pixel CMOS AF) 

AF system / -Messfelder:

On 88% of the horizontal and 100% of the vertical sensor surface 

AF working range:

LW -6 to 18 (at 23 ° C and ISO 100) 

AF functions:

One-shot / servo AF 

AF point selection:

Automatic: face and tracking 

Manual: 1-point AF (the size of the AF field can be changed) 

Manual: AF point expansion 4 points (top, bottom, left, right) 

Manual: AF point expansion (surrounding fields) 

Manual: Zone AF (all AF fields are divided into 9 zones) 

Manual: Large Zone AF (vertical) 

Manual: Large Zone AF (horizontal) 

AF AE Lock:

Press the shutter-release button halfway or the AF ON button in One-Shot AF mode. With on AF stop 

or AI-Servo configured key 

AF illuminator:

Delivered from a built-in LED light or from a defined Speedlite flash 

Manual focus:

Adjustable via lens 

Exposure Control


Measurement method:

Real-time multiple-field measurement via the image sensor (384 zones) 

(1) Multi-field measurement (linkable with any AF point) 

(2) Selective measurement in search center (about 6.1% of the central image field) 

(3) spot measurement: central spot measurement (about 2.7% of the central image field) 

AF-linked spot metering not available 

(4) Center-weighted integral measurement 

Brightness measuring range:

LW -3 - 20 (at 23 ° C, ISO100, with multi-field measurement) 


Automatic: AE lock is performed after focus is complete 

Manual: via the AE Lock button in P, Tv, Av, Fv, Tv and M modes 

exposure Compensation:

± 3 stops in half or one-third steps (can be combined with AEB) 

Exposure series (AEB):

± 3 LW in half or one-third increments 

Anti-flicker shooting:

Yes. Flicker detection at a frequency of 100 Hz or 120 Hz. The maximum speed 

for continuous shooting decrease. 

ISO sensitivity:

Auto 100-40000 (in one-third steps or whole steps) 

ISO can be extended to L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400 




Electronically controlled focal plane shutter and noiseless reading of the CMOS sensor 

Shutter speeds:

30-1 / 8,000 s (half or one-third steps), long

exposure (B) (total shutter speed range; 

actually available range depends on the recording mode) 


electromagnetic soft release 

White Balance



Automatic white balance via image sensor 


Automatic white balance (priority environment / priority white), daylight, shade, cloudy, artificial light, 

White fluorescent light, flash, custom, color temperature 

White balance correction: 

1. Blue / amber ± 9 

2. Magenta / Green ± 9 

Custom white balance: Yes, 1 setting can be saved 

White balance rows: ± 3 stages in whole stages 

3, 2, 5 or 7 shots per trigger. 

Method Blue / Amber or Magenta / Green 




0.5 inch OLED electronic color viewfinder 

Number of points:

3,690,000 pixels (1,280 x 960) 

Image field coverage (vertical / horizontal):

Approximately 100% 


Approximately 0.76 times * 1 

Exit pupil:

Approximately 23mm (from eyepiece center) 

Diopter compensation:

-4 to +2 m-1 (diopter) 


AF point information, exposure metering, number of exposures remaining for multiple exposures, 

Exposure Compensation, HDR Backlight Shot, Tone Priority, Multiple Exposure Shot, ISO Speed, Dual Pixel RAW 

Recording, Remaining Recordings, Multi Shot Noise Reduction, Number of Self-Timer Shots, Digital Lens Optimizer, 

Buffer Memory, AF Method, Battery Charge, AF Mode, Exposure Simulation, Mode, AEB, Metering Method, FEB, Anti 

Flickering, Photo crop size, Shooting mode, Aspect Ratio, Scene icons, Auto Exposure Optimization, AE 

Storage, image style, flash readiness, white balance, flash off, white balance correction, FE storage, image quality, FP 

High-speed synchronization, Bluetooth function, shutter speed, Wi-Fi function, multi function lock warning, histogram, aperture, 

Electronic spirit level, lens information 


LC Display



8.01 cm (3.2 inches) Clear View LCD II with approximately 2,100,000 pixels 

Frame coverage:

Approximately 100% 

Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical):

Approximately 170 ° vertical and horizontal 


Anti-dirt coating Use of tempered glass 

Brightness Adjustment:

Manual: adjustable in 7 steps 

Hue match:

4 settings 

Touchscreen operation:

Capacitive with menu functions, setting for control, playback and magnification. AF point selection 

in photo and movie mode, touch shutter is available when taking photos 

Display options:

(1) Camera basic settings 

(2) Advanced Camera Settings 

(3) Camera settings plus histogram and two-part display 

(4) No information 

(5) Quick setting screen 

Other Functions


Custom functions:

22 custom functions 

Metadata tag:

Copyright information (option can be set in the camera) 

Image rating (0-5 stars) 

IPTC data (registered via EOS utility) 

Image transfer with title (The title must be registered with EOS Utility) 

LC panel / illumination:

Yes / Yes 

Water / Dust Resistance:




Intelligent orientation sensor:


Magnification function during playback:

1.5 times - 10 times in 15 levels 

Playback formats:

(1) single frame 

(2) Still image with shooting data (2 levels) 

Basic shooting information (shutter speed, aperture, ISO and picture quality) 

Detailed shooting information (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, measurement image, quality and file size), lens information, 

Brightness and RGB histogram, white balance, picture style, color space and noise reduction, lens correction, GPS information, 

IPTC information 

(3) 4 thumbnails 

(4) 9 thumbnails 

(5) 36 thumbnails 

(6) 100 thumbnails 

(7) Image jump (1, 10, 100 pictures, by date, by folder, only videos, only photos, protected recordings, by rating) 

(8) video editing 

(9) RAW processing 

(10) rating 


Image selection: all images, by date, by folder, videos, photos, protected recordings, by rating 

Playback intervals: 1/2/3/5/10 or 20 seconds 

Repeat: On / Off 

Histogram display:

Brightness: yes 

RGB: yes

Overexposure Warning:


Clear image:

Single Image, Selected Region, Selected Images, Folders, Memory Card 

Delete / protect images:

Deletion protection for single image, folder or all images of the memory card (only during image search) 


2 or 10 seconds lead time 

Menu categories:

(1) recording 

(2) AF menu 

(3) Playback menu 

(4) Setup menu 

(5) Custom functions 

(6) my menu 

Menu languages:


English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, 

Greek, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic, 

Thai, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Standard), Korean, Malay, Indonesian and Japanese 

Firmware update: user update possible (camera, lens, WFT, external Speedlite), BLE remote control, 

Lens Adapter) 

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