Panasonic DMC-TZ101EG-S - Digital Camera, Silver



There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of freedom. Explore the world and capture...
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Small camera - great performance

There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of freedom. Explore the world and capture every moment with a camera as mobile as you. Whether at home, on city breaks or excursions into nature - the compact TZ101 with large 1-inch MOS sensor, bright LEICA 10x zoom and 4K video and photo function allows you to permanently capture your travel moments.

The LUMIX TZ101 is the perfect companion on your travels. Despite the very compact design, the camera has a large 1-inch MOS sensor and a bright LEICA 10x zoom lens with 5-axis image stabilization. Thanks to the stylish pocket size fits the TZ101 in every trouser or handbag.

Impressive photos - even in low light

Sunset does not mean that you can not use your camera anymore. The LUMIX TZ101 captures stunning images, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the 1-inch MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor.

10x zoom - for detailed shots

If you can not get closer to the desired subject, you will still be able to capture the perfect detail with the LUMIX TZ101. Thanks to the powerful LEICA DC ELMARIT lens with 10x optical zoom, the camera is ideal for taking pictures of sights, whether near or far.

Record now, focus later

Imagine being able to focus on any part of an image, even if the shot is already in the box. With the "Post Focus" function of the LUMIX TZ101, this is exactly what is possible. Continuous 4K continuous shooting is shot at 30 frames per second, with the focus going through 49 areas with different focus points - from near to far. The function can be operated very simply by touch: In Playback mode, select the desired focus area on the touchscreen and the camera then automatically focuses the image according to the input. 


4K video. Life in lively details

Whether watching movies or editing your videos, 4K offers the sharpest viewing experience you've ever had. The resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels is four times that of Full HD. That means more details, more colors and more depth of field. This is also evident when watching 4K recordings on a Full HD TV. 

4K photo - capture the magic moment

Thanks to the 4K photo function of the TZ101 you never miss special moments again. Record in brilliant quality at 30 frames per second, select your desired frame and save it as a 4K photo.

Clear view and comprehensive control - thanks to the viewfinder and lens ring

Occasionally, even with the brightest monitors, the subjects may be hard to see in bright sunlight. That's why the LUMIX TZ101 has a built-in viewfinder (Live View Finder). The eye sensor recognizes your preferred image viewing and automatically switches between the image display on the monitor and the viewfinder.

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