Panasonic AW-HEA10KEJ - Control Assist camera for PTZ cameras - black



The Control Assist camera supports flexible and intuitive operation of an integrated...
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Panasonic AW-HEA10 Control Assist camera to guide PTZ cameras - black

The Panasonic AW-HEA10 can be used both as a panoramic camera, as well as to control PTZ cameras. Thanks to the extra-large wide angle of 45 ° horizontally and 30 ° vertically, the AW-HEA10 can be used as image analysis camera. By connecting the AW-HEA10 with a PTZ camera, so can the connected camera via WiFi on a iPad control intuitively. The AW-HE40 models, AW-HE60 and AW-HE130 are supported.

The free app "PTZ CNTRL" allows full wireless control of Panasonic AW-HEA10 a user-friendly control panel. This makes the device a perfect tool for professional camera applications in all areas. Even inexperienced users find their way quickly.

When using traditional camera controls the action U. u. Not fully captured by the camera. The Control Assist Camera System changes outside of the frame can be seen on the wide-angle view on the tablet. A touch is enough to activate the patch camera immediately and align on the shot. The zoom can be controlled by "pinching" -Motion or across the screen. 100 camera combinations and up to nine preset positions per camera can also be selected via the on-screen icons

Please note that for the complete camera solution either the AW-HE130, the AW-HE40, the AW-HE 60 and the iPad also includes his needs. The cameras are mechanically connected to the AW-HEA10 Control Assist module and are controlled via wireless with an iPad.

Key features of the Panasonic AW-HEA10:

- 1 / 4:37 "MOS sensor (3.91 megapixel)
- 95 ° Horizontal ultra wide angle lens enables wide and clear fields of view, support the control of an HD Integrated Camera
- Easy operation by the free "PTZ control" App for iPad
- Simple and user-friendly touch-screen control
- Complete PTZ control including focus, aperture,.
- HDMI output for using the AW-HEA10 as additional camera
- Image capture horizontal ± 45 ° vertically and ± 30 °
- PoE support (Power over Ethernet) for easy installation
- Available in two different colors
- Up to 9 presets per camera can be stored and accessed from the iPad.
- In App Store free download "PTZ Cntrl" app for iPad to enable wireless control of the camera from the iPad. Operations can be displayed by touching the screen of the overall picture in the Setup Assistant camera and an image of an HD Integrated Camera.

Camera Features : HD Built-in camera pan, tilt, zoom control and camera setting adjustment as image quality or frame rate can be carried out by an iPad. There can be up to 100 cameras * 3 registered by a single IPAD and switched during operation.

Preset memory function for trouble-free operation : The camera recording angles can be set in advance with the preset memory function. Tap and hold the number key to store up to nine configuration settings. Presets can be recalled by tapping the number.

Flexible configuration and two color options to choose from : cameras can be suspended from the ceiling or standing, used depending on the operating environment. The camera angle is manually with a swivel range of ± 30 ° and a tilt range of ± 45 ° einsetellbar. Two color variations are available: white and black. Select the installation type and color depending on the application.

PoE * 5 support for less wiring and reducing installation costs : connection to network devices unterstützund PoE (IEEE 802.3af) with power via an Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for an external power supply that reduces the installation effort and costs.

* 5: Abbreviation for Power over Ethernet

HDMI output : The HDMI output of Assist camera supports multiple formats * 6 (1080 / 59.94p, 1080 / 50p, 1080 / 59.94i, 1080 / 50i, 720 / 59.94p, 720 / 50p, 480 / 59.94p and 576 / 50p signals).

* 6: Output to iPad 640 × 360 or 320 × 180th


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