Panasonic AJ-PG50EJ8 - Portable P2 Memory Card Recorder



The AJ-PG50EJ is a portable field recorder with AVC-ULTRA codec (not all formats are...
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The AJ-PG50EJ is a portable field recorder with AVC-ULTRA*1 codec and microP2 card compatibility, HDMI input/output, and data transfer over a network.

The AJ-PG50 Memory Card Recorder is compact and lightweight. It supports the AVC-ULTRA codec family*1, is equipped with two microP2 slots and a P2 card slot. Operates from either a battery pack or AC adapter. It also comes with a high-resolution QHD LCD monitor.

The AJ-PG50 provides a variety of interfaces to support the professional field operator including, HDMI input/output*5, 3G SDI input/output and others, enabling easy connection to a wide range of video and studio devices for recording and playback of video and audio content.

It also has a high-speed USB 3.0 (HOST) interface for transferring backup data to an external storage device and previewing externally stored files.*2 Network connection is possible by wired/wireless LAN*3 or 4G*4/LTE,*4 and supports many network workflow functions including FTP content and proxy streaming (rtsp only, no QoS).

The AJ-PG50 offers high speed and high quality at a reasonable cost, and flexibly and supports the most advanced AVC-ULTRA workflows.

*1 Not all AVC-ULTRA formats are supported.
*2 The USB 3.0 standard has a maximum transfer rate of 5 Gbps. However, the actual transfer speed depends on the system configuration.
Playback is based on disk drive performance, including spindle speed. Panasonic cannot guarantee smooth playback without dropped frames.
*3 For a wireless LAN connection, the AJ-WM30 Wireless Module is required.
*4 Requires a telecommunications device (USB type) available from various carriers.
*5 HDMI input signal conform to 59.94Hz/50Hz video standards (signal deviation 0.01%). Recording and E/E is not possible if HDMI signal contains HDCP (Digital Content Protection).

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