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Fashion photographers choose the Acute/D4 Ring when they’re looking for a direct and...
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Profoto Acute/D4 Ring

Popular with fashion photographers for freely positioned, direct, and detailed light without harshness. Excellent for small interiors, or table top applications.

The ringflash fits all Acute power packs, and is an entirely moblile source of light. The adjustable tripod mount bracket and wide interior (100mm diameter) allows for fitting all types of cameras and lenses in many formats.

Optional Softlight Reflector increases the size of the light source, with fewer sharp shadows. Optional Close-Up Reflector focuses the light source 20" (50 cm) in front of the camera lens. With smaller objects, the effect is completely shadow free.

Maximum firing rate is 9600 w/s per minute, equal to 4 flashes per minute at 2400 w/s, 8 flashes at 1200, 16 at 600, 32 at 300, or 64 flashes per minute at 150 w/s. A power supply for this flash head is required.

Compact Design

Features a 100 mm center opening and it mounts around the camera lens.

A protective glass cover for the flashtube is built on for an added margin of safety.

Easy to Control

Comes with an adjustable camera mount.

All Profoto heads are supplied with a 5/8" stand adapter to mount the units onto any standard light stand.

Removeable Reflector

Two optional reflectors made for the ringflash: a soft reflector which is perfect for shadowless lighting, and a close-up reflector suitable for macro photography.

Long-Reaching Cable

Resists twisting, trampling and cracking.

Extension cables are available for light heads placed at longer distances from the power pack.





Maximum Watt/Seconds

9600 w/s per minute

User Replaceable Flashtube


Changeable Reflector

Optional Add-On Reflectors available

Circuit Protection


Cable Length

12' (3.5M)

Modeling Light Wattage

This model does not contain a modeling light.

Modeling Light On/Off Switch


Protective Glass Dome

Protective Glass Cover

Fan Cooled



Without Bracket: 7.9 x 2.2" (20 x 5.5cm)

With Bracket: 7.9 x 25.7" (20 x 65.5cm)


5lbs 1oz ( 2.3kg)


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