Altair EQ-215 - Stereo 15 band graphic equalizer



Stereo 15 band graphic equalizer
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Constant Q graphic equalisers EQ 215 (15+15 bands) and EQ 230 (30+30 bands), incorporate new functions such as the selection of the equalisation range, feedback detection through illuminated faders, improved dynamic range and high quality filters.


Continuous variable high pass filter (10-300Hz) in order to delimit andwidth (this filter is of great utility when mixing string instruments, voices and to control low frequency feedback)

- BALANCED: Equipped with electronically balanced input and output circuits for noise inmmunity in long cabling set-ups.

- CONSTANT Q: The constant Q topology assures minimum interaction between bands and makes the bandwidth of each filter independent of the garnlattenuation setting.

- RANGE: Global selection of the range of gainlattenuation of each band for a more precise adjustment.Front panel indication by double LED.

- FFS: Feedback finder system (only EQ-230).A microprocessor associated with each channel scans the whole spectrum in order to detect and display possible feedbacks.Direct LED indicator on each fader.

- PARAMETRIC: Incorporates a totally parametric equalization point on each channel (only EQ-230).The range is asymmetric (± 15 dB-30 dB) allowing notch filter adjustments.

- LOW NOISE: The use of very low noise circuits and other techniques permit achieving an exceptional dinamic range.

- AUTO-BYPASS: Incorporates secure by-pass circuits controlled by relay to eliminate on/off switchs transients and for signal integrity in case of intemal failures.

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