Sony PDBK-MK1 - SxS Memory Card Adaptor



Sxs Memory Card Adaptor For Pdw-Hr1.
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The PDBK-MK1 SxS card option adds two SxS card slots to the PDW-HR1 which enable the deck to directly browse files on the SxS cards as well as perform various clip copying and clip transcoding functionality.

- Directly playback material stored on the SxS card (MP4 or MXF files) using the PDW-HR1
- Copy files from one SxS card to another SxS card
- Copy clips from an SxS card to a Professional Disc’s UserData folder (and vice versa). This enables the photographer to maintain original XDCAM EX card BPAV folder structure when needed.
- Re-wrap or transcode XDCAM EX MP4 files to optical XDCAM MXF files during copy process and store in the Professional Disc’s Clip folder. Enables XDCAM EX and optical XDCAM photographers to consolidate all footage onto a disc using the MXF file format. XDCAM EX clips shot using Professional Disc compatible codecs are re-wrapped, otherwise they are transcoded.
- Transcode a portion of a clip stored on the SxS card to a new file and store it in the Professional Disc’s Clip folder. Note: The transcoding process can upconvert SD clips to HD as well as cross convert 720p material to 1080i material.


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