Wooden Camera WC-218200 - E-Mount to PL Mount Pro (Sony FS5)



Wooden Camera - E-Mount to PL Mount Pro (Sony FS5)
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E-Mount to PL Adapter Pro (FS5) is a shimmable Sony E-Mount to PL mount adapter that enables mounting of all PL mount lenses onto the Sony FS5 camera. In our factory, we set the flange focus to match a Sony FS5 camera. You only need to adjust the shims should you find that your camera is out of calibration. The adapter is shimmable by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding color coded shims of various thickness. Back focus should be checked using collimation tools or a wide lens focused to infinity. Mount includes a support ring that integrates with our Top Plate (Sony FS5), a highly recommended addition to this system. Loosen the support ring thumbscrew to quickly remove the mount and install another adapter.

This adapter will also work with any E-Mount camera like the FS7, A7, A7r, A7s, A7 II, FS100, FS700, NEX-5, NEX-6, NEX-7, etc, however, the support ring would not be utilized.


- Support ring capable of integrating with Top Plate (Sony FS5)


(2) 1/4-20x3/8" socket cap screws


Weight: 408g   (0.9 lbs)

Dimensions: 101.60 x 101.60 x 76.20 mm   (4.0 x 4.0 x 3.0 in)

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