Shape FS7LW - Lightweight Plate For Sony Fs7



Lightweight Plate For Sony Fs7. Designed To Marry The Sony Fs7 Shoulder Pad.
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The Sony FS7 Lightweight Plate from SHAPE is a fixed baseplate that provides 15mm LWS rod support without interfering with the camera's shoulder-mount design. A pair of 8" long 15mm rods is included for attaching optional accessories such as a follow focus and matte box. In addition to rod ports, the Lightweight Plate also features ARRI rosettes on each side for attaching the FS7's right handle and an optional left-sided rosette handle. On the underside of the baseplate is a V-lock delta adapter, allowing the baseplate to be mounted on V-lock quick-release tripod plates, such as the Panasonic SHAM-TM700 or Sony VCT14. The delta adapter is attached to a bottom door, which can be opened up to access 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws.

Key Features

- 15mm rod baseplate for the Sony FS7
- Single ratcheting lever secures rods in place
- Maintains the FS7's shoulder-mount functionality
- ARRI rosettes for attaching handles
- V-lock delta adapter for mounting on V-lock quick-release tripod plates
- Bottom door opens up to access 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws
- Pair of 8" long 15mm rods included

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