Cineo 900.0045 - LS Lamphead and Yoke



LS Lamphead and Yoke (no cable, no panels)
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The Cineo Lighting LS Lamphead and Yoke (No Cable, No Panels) provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) found in the TruColor HS in a small, lightweight package. It delivers an unprecedented volume of soft light optimized for image capture, as well as other applications that demand accurate color rendering. TruColor LS delivers an extended CRI over 95, generates a 160-degree beam spread and uses less than 170 watts of AC power.

Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) eliminates the color-accuracy limitations inherent in LED fixtures. Instead of relying on LEDs as the source of illumination, TruColor LS' independent phosphor panels emit high-quality light when excited by the high-frequency wavelengths from blue LEDs.

The interchangeable phosphor panels allow you to achieve a variety of color temperatures with a single fixture. The CCT of the TruColor LS is extremely consistent fixture to fixture and will not change over time like other lighting technologies.

Key Features

Utilizes Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) for accurate, consistent output
160deg. light spread
Small and lightweight
Completely silent operation
Local and DMX dimming with no color shift: 10-100%
Field serviceable components
Built-in filter tray to attach accessories

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