Creamsource CS-SYNC - Flashbandit Sync Box



Creamsource Flashbandit Sync Box

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Creamsource Flashbandit Sync Box

Shoot clean frames while your Creamsource flashes and strobes with the FlashBandit Sync Box from Outsight. By enabling you to calibrate your Creamsource LED panel's flash or strobe effect to match the exact frame rate you'll use in your shooting session, and to adjust the phase of the light to that of the shutter, the sync box makes your Creamsource and your camera operate in unison. This prevents torn frames, also known as flash-banding, which is a problem most CMOS and some CCD and film cameras exhibit when they're used with flashing or strobing light sources.

Both the camera and the FlashBandit connect to an external source such as a sync generator box (available separately) via BNC, and the FlashBandit plugs into the Creamsource's accessory port. You'll need the FlashBandit only when using your Creamsource's strobing or flashing effects.

- Delivers clean, unbroken frames when using the flash or strobing effects of the Creamsource

- Enables triggering the Creamsource from a variety of external sources, including sync generators, video signals, and film cameras

- 3.5mm jack for DIY trigger input






Creamsource Doppio & Mini Doppio series


BNC input

 3.5 mm phono jack

Cable Length

3.2' (1 m)


3.4 x 2.2 x 1.0" (8.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm)


5 oz (140 g)


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